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William Engelen. Verstrijken | Solo violin performance


Mudam Level -1: East Gallery
Within the framework of

25 years of the Mudam Collection

In collaboration with

United Instruments of Lucilin



Performed on the occasion of the exhibition 25 years of the Mudam Collection, Verstrijken by William Engelen (b. 1964, Weert, Netherlands) refers to a method for composing music that the artist and composer has used since 2005. The sound work is based on journals that the artist transcribed as a score for a solo instrument. It is conceived as a form of self-portraiture, where the musicians perform an episode from their personal history as music.

For this iteration the artist has worked with musician André Pons-Valdès from the Luxembourgish instrumental ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin, who kept a diary for seven days which was transformed by Engelen into a forty-four-minute violin solo score.

A colourful sheet of music
© William Engelen