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Wednesday Night Fever | With the Rainbow Center


In collaboration with the

Rainbow Center

Within the framework of the exhibition

A Model

Free of charge

Booking is not required

Bringing the spirit of A Model to life, Mudam invites all its visitors to reclaim the museum in a fun, friendly and joyful way and to inhabit its spaces by taking part in our Wednesday Night Fever activities. Take part in our Wednesday special programme once a month to engage your body, brain, and social skills in community and interactive practices that differ from your everyday museum experiences.

Mudam welcomes the Rainbow Center and drag queen Séraphine Mirage who will bring music and colour to the museum’s galleries. Let the East Gallery be your stage and sing a curated list of iconic songs from Madonna to Billie Eilish at the top of your lungs! The karaoke event will be hosted by Mirage, who has been gracing the world’s stages since 2002, entertaining people with her jokes, charm and stunning appearance. Mirage is no wallflower when it comes to music and singing, so be ready to take the microphone out of her hands and claim your turn to shine at karaoke.

Rosa Lëtzebuerg is the national LGBTQIA+ charity in Luxembourg representing the interests and rights of the local queer community since its foundation in 1996. Rosa Lëtzebuerg’s mandate includes addressing the political demands of queer community members and raising them with policymakers, promoting societal awareness around the needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals and creating socio-cultural offerings and safe spaces. In May 2023 Rosa Lëtzebuerg opened the Rainbow Center, a centre dedicated to queer culture in Luxembourg city.

A series of polaroid pictures taken in the Mudam exhibitions.
© Photo: Mudam Luxembourg