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Vum Kär zum Brout



For children accompanied by an adult

In collaboration with

Thillenvogtei Museum, Rindschleiden

Within the framework of the exhibition

Freigeister. Fragments of an art scene in Luxembourg
and the presentation of Daniel Wagener’s artwork Ket baker

No experience required

No equipment to bring


35€/family (+15€/10€ lunch per person)


Access limited to people who have been vaccinated or cured. Each visitor from 12 years old and 2 month must present a valid certificate.

For our ancestors, enjoying a loaf of bread was not a quick and easy process. This family workshop gives you the chance to discover the different stages of breadmaking, from grain to loaf. The team from the Thillenvogtei museum in Wahl are coming to Kirchberg to show you how people used to live one hundred years ago and how they made their bread, using a wood-fired oven built by artist Daniel Wagener as part of his work Ket Baker.

Thillenvogtei museum
Since its founding in 1991, the Thillenvogtei museum has been taking visitors on a journey back in time to the year 1900. In its authentic farm setting, the Thillenvogtei museum offers interactive programmes that immerse you in the gruelling daily life of the period – breadmaking and housework, woodworking and sewing, schooling and a Kleeserchersuucht Christmas hunt are just some of the activities the museum has to offer. The Thillenvogtei museum is an educational museum which seeks to preserve Luxembourg’s historical heritage by showing what life was like one hundred years ago. It also reminds us that the conveniences we enjoy today should not be taken for granted and that we need to use our resources responsibly.