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Guided tour by curator Christophe Gallois


Mudam Galeries Niveau +1
Within the framework of the exhibition

Tacita Dean




Free of charge for students / Kulturpass

Booking required
t +352 453785–531

Since the early 1990s, Tacita Dean (b. 1965, Canterbury) has developed a singular body of work using multiple mediums, like film, photography and sound; drawing, printmaking and collage. Encompassing a diverse array of subjects, her work is characterised by a careful observation of time, a keen attention to history and a love of the fine details in life. Dean also welcomes chance as one of her guiding principles. A great believer in the non-deliberate act, Dean sometimes allows contingency, circumstance and accident to dictate the final outcome of a work. Since 2011, the artist’s work has also had to deal with digital imaging eclipsing photochemical film and photography, a topic she has written and spoken about at length describing an exponential accumulation of images: ‘A world that does not forget is a world that is drowning in its inability to forget.’

Discover this exceptional exhibition with curator Christophe Gallois.

Le curateur Christophe Gallois dans l'exposition de Tacita Dean au Mudam © Photo : Marion Dessard | Mudam Luxembourg
Christophe Gallois
© Photo : Marion Dessard | Mudam Luxembourg