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Utopistas Preview @ Fête des Hauts Fourneaux

Within the framework of

Mudam Summer Project "UTOPISTAS - The Everyday of Earthly Delights"

By the 2001 Architects' Office (Philippe Nathan & Sergio Carvalho), invited by Mudam Luxembourg.

Around the work Philosophical Platform by artist Bert Theis.

07.07.2019 | Esch Belval – Fête des Hauts-Fourneaux
Rdv on the Philosophical Platform

Flash Yoga Dialectic
11h00 – 13h00
In addition to the vibrant activities of the Fête des Hauts-Fourneaux, SarahJohnYoga invites you to a special outdoor introductory session on the Philosophical Platform created by Luxembourg artist Bert Theis. Surrounded by the impressive energy of the Esch-Belval industrial site, participants will be able to physically capture the installation and rediscover their body and soul in the quirky context of the blast furnaces. A not to be missed yoga session for all, suitable for beginners as well as superyogis. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel for this unique experience!

Safari insolite / Philosophical Apero
15h00 – 17h00
In collaboration with local associations, visits to usually inaccessible locations in Belval will not only allow the discovery and understanding of the site, but will invite to a forward-looking debate on how to use public spaces during an aperitif on the Philosophical Platform.

The Architects' Office 2001
Led by Philippe Nathan and Sergio Carvalho, 2001 is a collective of architects. The abstraction of its name symbolises all its ambitions to act discreetly and to serve strategically in the environment practiced by society. This environment defines areas of interest, activities and scales: territories, buildings, spaces and Ideas.

Sarah and John have been teaching yoga together since 2016 and love the outside practice in various parks in Luxembourg throughout the summer. During the group sessions, participants can “look at the sky” ... or literally touch the earth with their feet! They are convinced that outdoor yoga allows us to be more present, more rooted and invites us to be “in the moment” with the nature around us.

Bert Theis, "Philosophical Platform", 1997, reconstruction 2019 | Production : Le Fonds Belval, avec la contribution du Mudam Luxembourg
© Courtesy Mariette Schiltz