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Sound Creators | Guided tour and workshop with a sign language interpreter


In collaboration with

HörgeschädigtenBeratung SmH

Within the framework of the exhibition

Tarek Atoui. Waters’ Witness

In the context of

MOSAIK Kultur Inklusiv

No prerequisite

Free of charge



Registration (by 24.02.2023)

There are many ways to ‘hear’ sound. As the work of the artist and musician Tarek Atoui teaches us, the physical experience of sounds and noises is different for each and every one of us. After a guided tour of his exhibition, we will experiment together in our sound laboratory.

Who is MOSAIK Kultur Inklusiv?
MOSAIK Kultur Inklusiv is a recently established network that promotes inclusivity in the realm of culture. The network aims to allow all audiences equal and autonomous access to cultural events. To achieve these goals, it encourages cultural participation and empowerment of people with special needs. Art does not create equality, but it allows for individuality and uniqueness. These are the values to which we are committed. The MOSAIK Kultur Inklusiv network brings together professional artists and social or cultural institutions based in Luxembourg. It is open to new partnerships and bound to develop in the long term.

Photo montage of two closeups of artworks by Tarek Atoui.