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Sofie Birch & Eric D. Clark | DJ Performances




On the occasion of the Grand Opening of Peter Halley, Michel Majerus, and Tourmaline, Sofie Birch and Eric D. Clark will grace us for two very different DJ Sets.

Opening programme
19h00–23h30 Public opening
19h00 Speech by Bettina Steinbrügge (Director, Mudam)

19h30 Performance – Ambient Music by Sofie Birch (NFS Radio)
Weaving together improvisational use of electronic hardware, with a nurturing sense of harmonious curiosity, serene plateaus of sound patiently emerge from the musical practice of Sofie Birch.

21h30 Afterparty with DJ Eric D. Clark (€DC)
In parallel to the track From Disco to Disco which travelled the world as a hit, Eric D. Clark has pieced together a musical legacy from classical to house, with the click of a mouse.

Free drinks and food until 21h00. Galleries closing at 21h00.

Sofie Birch and Eric D. Clark