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Silent heroes


For adults


Claudia Passeri



No experience required

No supplies needed



Booking required
t +352 453785–531

Limited availability

Masks required

The Silent Heroes workshop focuses on the piece of the same name by Claudia Passeri, currently on show at Mudam as part of the Freigeister exhibition. Passeri’s work represents an anchor plate, a recurring element in the façades of old buildings.

The workshop proposed in connection with Passeri’s work takes this architectural form as a starting point: it will be adapted as an element of adornment on participants’ jackets or other items of clothing, in the manner of a brooch which would symbolically have the function of an anchor plate, an element allowing to stabilise the person. The participants’ personalised anchor plates come in the form of letters and become lucky charms and personal protectors.

Claudia Passeri, Viaschengen, Souvenirs from Europe, Ghost Editions, Lisbonne, Portugal, 2015