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Screening | "A morir a los desiertos" by Marta Ferrer


Mudam Auditorium
Within the framework of the exhibition

Zoe Leonard. Al río / To the River


English subtitles


8€ (exhibition access included)

A journey to the northern Mexican semi-desert in search of the last singers of Mexican folk music cardenche, a melancholy song genre composed and interpreted only with the voice, without musical instruments. The genre speaks of love and contempt, regret and tragedy. A tradition rooted in cotton farmers and miners, now on the verge of extinction.

Over the course of an hour and a half, the film takes the viewer to get to know and recognise daily life in the middle of the desert, focusing on the lives of some of the older members of cardenche groups, who still know the songs, sing them and teach them to younger generations.

Marta Ferrer is a director and photographer specialised in documentary language. She is currently based in Barcelona.

A morir a los desiertos by Marta Ferrer (2017, 90 min)
© Photo: Film still from "A morir a los desiertos" by Marta Ferrer, courtesy of the artist