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Sacha di Giambattista + Creamisu | Rhythm and Lines


Within the framework of the exhibition

25 years of the Mudam Collection

In collaboration with

Creamisu – Caritas Luxembourg

Mudam has invited the artist Sacha di Giambattista for an exclusive project within the framework of the exhibition 25 years of the Mudam Collection. Alongside the team leading the sociocultural space Creamisu, homeless people have designed new and unique notebooks using their talent and imagination.

Creamisu is a sociocultural meeting space where homeless people in Luxembourg can express themselves artistically. Creamisu gives them the opportunity to momentarily step out of the hardship of their everyday life by filling their time with creative workshops. The aim of Creamisu is to encourage positive change and make the participants feel valued.

The notebooks were designed during the collaborative workshop Rhythm and Lines. This project has a direct link to a painting that is part of Mudam Collection, made by Bernard Piffaretti, whose artistic practice is based on repetition as well as on the analysis of forms and lines. Every notebook was designed and handcrafted in a unique manner. Each participant added their sense of creativity, playing with shapes, lines, and colours.

A percentage of the sales will go to Caritas Luxembourg.

Photo of several hand decorated notebooks
New notebooks designed by Sacha di Giambattista & Creamisu
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg