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Reading Session with Elona and Gaëlle Rasquin


Park Dräi Eechelen
In collaboration with






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This summer, Mudam is happy to invite you to join our series of Pleasure Gardens. Taking its name from a central concept to the work of Tourmaline - artist, writer, and transgender activist – represented through the solo exhibition Pleasure and Pollinator at MUDAM, we invite you to join us for a summer programme filled with moments of conviviality, fun and knowledge. Join our picnics and savour some delicious food while having the opportunity to exchange directly with artists, educators, activists, and curators in a relaxed environment.

By bringing art, music, interesting conversations, and creative activities to the Park Dräi Eechelen, right around Mudam, the Pleasure Gardens activities will offer the opportunity to experiment different forms to engage with the exhibition Tourmaline: Pleasure and Pollinator in a pleasant outdoor setting.

Join us for an immersive outdoor reading session in the parc and embark on a shared literary journey. Carefully curated by Cigale asbl carefully, Elona chose Pageboy by Elliot Page and Gaëlle will read from Harold Garfinkel's Le cas Agnès. Discover new perspectives and forge connections through the shared love of these extraordinary works.

The LGBTIQ+ CIGALE Center is a professional center, approved by the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region. Since 2002, they have been working for, within and with the LGBTIQ+ community.

Elona lives her queer activism through the university of Luxembourg LGBT+ students associations where she is currently studying. The association strives to ensure that the university can become a safe space for all students and staff members. Intersectionality, self-determination, and non-conformity are at the root of her philosophy, she views being queer as a punk and political act.

Gaëlle Rasquin has been a social worker in France for 20 years. Holder of a Master's degree in social policy expertise and engineering from the University of Metz, she is a doctoral student in sociology. Responsible for the training of social workers at Insitut Régional du Travail Social, she is also a social worker at the LGBTIQ+ CIGALE Center, more specifically in charge of supporting transgender people.

Two book covers in a plant based setting.