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Post-Capital | Teacher training cours


Training for

Secondary school teachers

Within the framework of the exhibition

Post-Capital: Art and the Economics of the Digital Age

No experience required

No equipment to bring

Free of charge

Masks are mandatory

Booking required (Code: D3-a-08)
(Institut de formation de l’Éducation nationale)

The training is aimed at all secondary school teachers, all disciplines combined, who wish to deepen their knowledge of contemporary art by studying artworks selected in one of the museum's current exhibitions.

The objective of this training is twofold. First, it allows teachers to discover the Post-Capital exhibition at Mudam. Secondly, the training renders the building of an educational path around the artistic practice of artists possible, with a view to developing inter- and multidisciplinary courses, while promoting the possibilities of a cultural partnership.

Participants know different artistic movements in contemporary art

Know how
Participants are able to:

  • show curiosity and open mindedness
  • communicate with cultural partners
  • implement methods that promote visual thinking and creativity

Participants are encouraged to:

  • formulate transdisciplinary approaches
  • identify meaningful visual and cultural contexts
  • experiment with different artistic techniques and processes
  • imagine educational exercises around an artwork or an artist

The training focuses on the Post-Capital exhibition at Mudam and will familiarise participants with its content. The exhibition brings together works of sculpture, painting, photography, video and performance that address the nature of production, consumption and wealth. Developed within a period of significant change and uncertainty, the exhibition takes as its starting point the inherent paradox within a capitalist system that is both dependent upon and threatened by technological progress. Presenting the work of some twenty artists from seventeen countries, it is spread over three floors in the museum. The training also aims to forge links between educational and museum institutions, by encouraging teachers to discover exhibitions at the museum, and allowing students to experience art in its natural environment.

Methodological approach
The training revolves around different approaches of visual inquiry and learning based on objects such as:

  • observation
  • understanding, articulation, and visual association
  • reading, interpretation, and analysis of an image and its educational use
  • visualisation of a creative process
  • organisation and development of visual knowledge applied in an educational context
  • individual artistic creation with an emphasis on practical experimentation
  • developing and imagining projects and individual educational approaches

Max Mertens, Professor of artistic education, and educational advisor at Mudam
Camille d'Huart, Mudam Publics

Liz Magic Laser, In Real Life, 2019. Commissioned by FACT, Liverpool. Courtesy of the artist, Various Small Fires, Los Angeles/Seoul, and Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam.
© Liz Magic Laser 2019