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Picnic Season: Xanti Schawinsky/Monster Chetwynd


In collaboration with

Singa Luxembourg

Admission free

No experience necessary



Booking required
t +352 661 279 999

Mudam Luxembourg is delighted to welcome you to its new Outreach Seasons programme. This new collaborative programme promotes community involvement and cultural exchange. The idea is to offer opportunities for artistic connection and exploration, while encouraging creativity and personal expression.

Every season our aim is to create a tangible result that brings together all the encounters, even in unexpected ways. The invited artist weaves links between what each charity has come up with. Even if the organisations have not interacted together on the museum’s premises, their creations will be intertwined in the final outcome.

The first edition, entitled ‘Picnic Season’, offers local charities and not-for-profits a guided tour of the Xanti Schawinsky/Monster Chetwynd exhibition, an open-air picnic and a risography printing workshop hosted by artist Jessica Frascht.

Come and share some pleasant moments and unforgettable artistic discoveries together. Picnic season is officially open!

Artist biography:
Jessica Frascht is an illustrator and designer based in Luxembourg. She studied communication design in Trier, Germany. Frascht graduated with a Master of Arts in Illustration and Book Design in April 2024. During the course of her studies she developed a deep affection for printmaking techniques such as screen and lino printing, as well as for the textures that emerge from this approach. In her illustrations she aims to shed new light on subjects both new and old. One of the leitmotifs in her work is the exploration of feminist issues and questions. On the one hand Jessica likes to use analogue techniques such as decoupage, or printing methods such as screen printing, linocut, woodcut and monoprinting, that allow her to work by hand. On the other, she likes to translate the analogue skills she has acquired into digital ones and develop them further. Most of her pieces and illustrations revolve around graphic forms, bright colours and textures.

Xanti Schawinsky, ‘Advertising for “Illy Caffè”’, 1934. Offset print. 65 x 48 cm
Xanti Schawinsky, ‘Advertising for “Illy Caffè”’, 1934