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Performance | The Stand-In by Jean-Charles de Quillacq


Within the framework of the exhibition

After Laughter Comes Tears

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Jean-Charles de Quillacq (b. 1986, Parthenay) fancies the relationship between his work and his audience as being intimate, even erotic, by incorporating his body into his installations, sculptures, performances and films.

Over the course of several afternoons, the interactive performance The Stand-In is taking place in a room separate from the main exhibition. Quillacq, donning a mask, makes himself available for six minutes to individual visitors, who can demand anything of him. In exchange, the artist takes a plaster cast of each visitor’s nose. These noses will accumulate over the course of the exhibition, as keepsakes of fleeting encounters between two bodies, partially obstructed or made anonymous by the cumbersome prostheses that covered their faces, rendering the bodies of both parties that much more significant. Here, Quillacq once again puts forth the metaphor of the artist as prostitute, while inviting visitors to take an active role by addressing and even acting upon the artist – sticking their nose in his business, as it were.

A man wearing a flesh imitating mask.
Jean-Charles de Quillacq, "Getting a Younger Sister, Thinking For Myself", 2021. Video still
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