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Opening A Model


Within the framework of the exhibition

A Model



Mudam Luxembourg is pleased to invite you to the opening of A Model on Thursday, February 8, 2024.

19h00: Opening speech by Bettina Steinbrügge
19h30: Performance Trip by Bob Kil within the installation Field by Nina Beier
20h00: I am paper – an exploration of Tomaso Binga’s poetry by Matilde Cerruti Quara
21h00: DJ set by Louise Chen

The first and focal exhibition of Mudam’s 2024 programme, A Model presents a reflection on the role of the museum today. The exhibition explores the urgency to rethink the institution as an active space, sensitive and receptive to contemporary debates beyond its status as a place for display. Ten international artists have been invited to create site-specific installations, often in dialogue with a selection of works from the Mudam Collection. Additionally, A Model presents a screening programme featuring artists’ films and documentaries offering a broad perspective on museums.

Field Trip
Performance by Bob Kil within the installation by Nina Beier
08.02.2024 (opening) | 19h30–21h00
10.02.2024 + 11.02.2024 | 15h00–18h00
13.04.2024 + 14.04.2024 | 15h00–18h00
18.05.2024 + 19.05.2024 | 15h00–18h00
20.07.2024 + 21.07.2024 | 15h00–18h00
At regular intervals throughout the exhibition duration, a group of four performers led by Bob Kil will walk through the aisles of Field, the sculptural installation by Nina Beier composed of continuous rows of flowers in identical pots arranged in grids. With the performance Trip, the emergence of bodies contrasts with the inert environment but their behaviour is stiff, mechanical and disturbing, their steps cadenced, their gestures jerky. As with the flowers, there is something artificial and repetitive about the way they walk.

I am paper – An exploration of Tomaso Binga’s poetry
Performance by Matilde Cerruti Quara
08.02.2024 (opening) | 20h00
Italian-British artist, poet and performer Matilde Cerruti Quara will recite, in her own style of delivery, a series of poems by Binga she selected amidst those showcased in the exhibition, in both their original version and in English.
“To bring words to life is one of my main obsessions. I was given the chance to dive into Binga’s archive of poems and select those who resonated the most with me. It must be said Binga has a very distinct way of reading her work. So here comes the exploration, the joy of the experiment: in performing them, I will maintain my own style of delivery, intertwining our practices in an embrace, proving the endless possibilities of language and words to come alive and allowing a space of reflection to witness how relevant Binga’s words still sound. Within this poetry performance my intention is to put my own craft at service to homage Tomaso’s courage, humour, activism and avantgardism, to say THANK YOU for her inspiring resilience, commitment and labour. To feel the imaginary bloodline bridging our generations and see where we intersect and where we differ and why. So for instance for most of it I will be wearing a men suit to recall her 1977 piece Bianca Menna and Tomaso Binga Brides Today where she photographed herself as Bianca Menna, dressed as a bride, next to herself dressed as a groom and that was Tomaso Binga–in an epoch when to be taken seriously, nevermind getting the attention of the art world, and especially in Italy, you had to be a man. I’m a female queer artist with a style that is dictated pretty exclusively by my own taste or practical needs, rather than a conceptual statement so it felt like an interesting point of reflection. How fashion changes its subtext across decades. Here is an outfit I could be normally, casually wearing to perform my poetry as much as to go groceries, really. There is such huge freedom of expression I can take for granted today, which was really not-so-obvious back in Binga’s days.” Matilde Cerruti Quara

Artists: Alvar Aalto, Nina Beier and Bob Kil, Tomaso Binga, Anna Boghiguian, Andrea Bowers, Robert Breer, Ali Cherri, Tony Cokes, Nayla Dabaji, Jason Dodge, Claire Fontaine, General Idea, Pontus Hultén, María Jerez and Edurne Rubio, Isaac Julien, Marysia Lewandowska, Hanne Lippard, Renzo Martens, Melvin Moti, Oscar Murillo, Khandakar Ohida, Daniela Ortiz, Walid Raad, Finnegan Shannon, Krista Belle Stewart, Rayyane Tabet, Su-Mei Tse, Nora Turato, Dardan Zhegrova, among others.

Curators: Bettina Steinbrügge, with Sarah Beaumont, Clément Minighetti and Joel Valabrega

With the support of: Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg
Thanks to:
The Danish Arts Foundation, Carlsberg Foundation, Peintures CIN and Colors by Tectone