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Museums Night: “Museums – be moved”

Within the framework of

Nuit des Musées 2019


Adults > 26 years – Presale: 10€ | Box office: 15€
16–26 year-olds – Presale: 3€ | Box office: 7€
Kulturpass – Presale and box office: 1,50€

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Placed under the theme of “Museums – be moved”, this 19th edition of the Night of the Museums is a new opportunity to discover Mudam, its exhibitions and its rich and varied cultural programme. A unique experience where the theme serves as a common thread to move, amaze and experience art in all its forms.

The programme at Mudam:

18h00 – 01h00
Anri Sala. Le temps coudé
New exhibition of major installations, film works and drawings created by Anri Sala.

18h00 – 00h30
FOO/SKOU – The Graphic Score
Anri Sala - Visual Music
Danish-born collaborative duo FOO/SKOU (Louise Foo and Martha Skou) work with smartphone technology, physical computing, graphics, printmaking, textiles, and sculpture to explore the possibilities of composing, making, and experiencing sound in the digital age. The graphic score, a form of musical notation that utilizes visual symbols to represent music, is central to their interest in experimental sound.

18h00 – 00h00
Bauhaus Mind
Performance by Manu di Martino
very hour for 15 minutes
This performance inspired by the Bauhaus movement echoes the theme of Museums Night 2019: “Museums – be moved”, as well as the Mudam Collection exhibition Worlds in Motion. Combining movement and video projection, Manu di Martino focuses on abstraction, minimalism, and transdisciplinarity, the spearhead of his work as a choreographer and dancer.
The performance will last 15 minutes and will be played every hour.
However a permanent movement will be maintained throughout the evening.
Performer / Choreographer / Visual Designer: Manu Di Martino
Music: Jesse Ahmann / Unsonic

20h00 – 21h15 & 22h15 – 23h30
Canto Ostinato (1976)
Simeon Ten Holt (1923-2012)
By Victor Kraus Group
An extraordinary sound experience, 90 minutes of pure music.
For this project, Victor Kraus brought together 6 leading local and international musicians: Kae Shiraki (piano), Aniela Stoffels (flute), Max Mausen (clarinet), Stéphane Giampellegrini (cello), Pascal Schumacher (vibraphone) and Victor Kraus (marimba). Emotional, rhythmic and melodic, Canto Ostinato is one of the most played Dutch pieces, performed by the Victor Kraus Group's leading musicians in a new version incorporating strings, winds but also electronic music with the exceptional participation of musician Emre Sevindik.

21h30 – 22h00
Activating the works by Suki Seokyeong Kang

“Coup de cœur” visit
By Raphaël Stacchiotti
The traditional “Coup de cœur” tour will be held by Raphael Stacchiotti, a Luxembourgish swimmer, who will take up the role of your art guide, by offering visitors his personal look on a work from the Mudam Collection exhibition Worlds in Motion.

"Bauhaus Mind", a performance by Manu di Martino