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Nuit des Musées 2023


Presale until 10.10.2023

Presale until 14.10.2023, 14h00

In all participating museums & at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office

Pre-sale fees

Adults: 10€
Youth (16–26): 3€
<16 years old: 0€
Kulturpass: 0€
Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€

Evening box offices in all participating museums

Adults: 15€
Youth (16–26): 7€
<16 years old: 0€
Kulturpass: 0€
Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€

Complete programme

From 17h00–01h00 in the morning, the 22nd edition of the Luxembourg Museum Night awaits you with a special programme of performances, DJ sets, music, workshops, guided tours, and culinary surprises in the seven participating museums in Luxembourg-City.

In order to facilitate the nightly tour, free shuttles are available.

Programme at Mudam

Performance ASMR Spa by Taus Makhacheva
(every full hour, registration at the reception desk)
On the occasion of the Night of Museums and as part of the exhibition After Laughter Comes Tears, the work ASMR Spa by Taus Makhacheva will be activated by a performance allowing visitors to participate in an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a physical reaction of euphoria caused by auditory stimuli which inspired a very popular genre of videos on YouTube). Visitors will be able to benefit from a 30-minute facial treatment in the artist's installation, while hearing about works of art by Frida Kahlo, Joseph Beuys and Rachel Whiteread that have been damaged, lost or destroyed.

CV Dazzle Pop-Up
With the artist Alexandra Lichtenberger
In connection with the exhibition After Laughter Comes Tears, which oscillates between humour and drama, the CV Dazzle Pop-Up enables you to discover experimental make-ups that question invasive surveillance and its impact on our identities and private lives.

Coup de cœur with Cecilia Said Vieira
21h00 + 00h00 | LU
Cecilia Said Vieira (24) is born in Luxembourg, with a Brazilian background, and works as a freelancer in various cultural and political fields. She studied marketing and communication in Berlin, lived and worked there for 5 years. She noticed during her studies that the people in Luxembourg live in a 'bubble' from which many do not dare to come out. She wanted to change this, so she started her first podcast, 'Ceci, Do You Love Me?'. This opened many doors for her, because she was able to discuss with many different Luxembourgish personalities and tell their 'out of the bubble' stories. The aim of her podcast is to show people that Luxembourg has more to offer than the normal 9 to 5 life. As a culture enthusiast, she also hosts and produces the culture podcast 'Kulturpur' for to provide a platform for Luxembourg artists.

Performance Long story short. by Lukáš Hofmann
22h00 (approximately 30 min)
On the occasion of Museum Night, Mudam presents Long Story Short, a new performance by Lukáš Hofmann, created especially for the exhibition After Laughter Comes Tears. Mixing the disciplines of performance art, theater and music, Long Story Short is a collective performance that spans a succession of evocative and fleeting tableaux, and explores the elusive concept of authenticity, encouraging viewers to ponder the shifting boundary between reality and artistic interpretation.

Discover Mudam with us!
17h00–17h30 | FR
17h30–18h00 | EN
18h00–18h30 | LU
Let’s discover Mudam and its exhibitions on a guided tour.

During the Museum Night, our art mediators await you in the galleries to provide answers and explanations.

Lukas Hofmann, "Incarnate" © Photo : Hervé Veronese
Lukas Hofmann, "Incarnate"
© Photo : Hervé Veronese