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Night of the Museums | 20th anniversary edition


Organised by

d'stater muséeën


Access limited to people who have been vaccinated, tested or cured

Since its 1st edition in 2001, at the initiative of the “d'stater muséeën” association, the Luxembourg-City Night of Museums has become an unmissable annual meeting for culture and heritage enthusiasts, and allows visitors to visit the seven partner museums of the association until 1 am in the morning. This 20th anniversary edition awaits you with a specific program of guided tours, music, performances, workshops, culinary surprises and a festive “nuit blanche” at Casino Luxembourg, with a DJ set by Lagerkultur.

In order to facilitate commuting between museums, a combined ticket for the seven museums has been introduced, as well as free shuttle services.

Programme at Mudam:

Family tours
30 minutes guided tour of the Mudam exhibitions, for children from 6 years old on and their family.
Limited places | No booking required
17h00 – FR
17h30 – EN
18h00 – LU

19h30 | Visite Coup de Coeur
Amira Elbanna aka same.but.different.amira

Her name is Amira Elbanna. She's half Finnish half Egyptian, was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates and lives in Luxembourg for 13 years. She creates multilingual content on youtube and TikTok that explores cultures: the people, languages, food, habits, and traditions. We might all be different but we are also very much the same and can learn so much from one another. We are ‘Same Same But Different’.

Nature has music for those who listen

19h00–23h00 | Mudam Studio | With Playtronica
Workshop + collective performance
What if plants could sing? Using the digital controllers Playtron and TouchMe, the Playtronica studio transforms ordinary plants into musical instruments allowing us to create melodies or percussion sounds by stroking a leaf.

No experience required, material provided on site | No booking required | For adults, teenagers and accompanied children | Limited places | Duration per participant: 5 minutes | Subject to change or cancellation

23h30–23h55 | Mudam Studio | By Playtronica
Music performance
Enjoy an exceptional performance in which music and sound is made with plants from The Green Exchange - Mudam Plant Swap Project. Using Playtron and TouchMe, both digital controllers, the Playtronica studio transforms ordinary plants into musical instruments, producing melodies or percussion sounds by stroking a leaf.

Playtronica is a studio based between Paris, Berlin and Moscow, specialised in creative technologies that explore new ways of interaction between human touch and music.

No booking required | Limited places | Subject to change or cancellation

If, If, If, Then (Expanded version), 2021
Performance by Jacopo Jenna | West Gallery
Curator: Joel Valabrega
If, If, If, Then (Expanded version) (2021) is a choreographic work by Jacopo Jenna performed by three dancers, with the audience seated in a circle all around the stage. Beyond choreographed action, Jenna sees movement as an abstract form of observation, whereby contemporary dance is approached as a direct response to its immediate surroundings. The result is a deep layering of images: one on top of the other, one after the other, creating a collage of visual data drawn from existing repertoires, archives and our daily life. The dancers draw upon a range of backgrounds including street dance and other forms of contemporary dance, moving between different approaches and genres and making it impossible to find a stable, common ground. This work is produced in collaboration with composer Caterina Barbieri, whose exploration of the psychological effects of repetition is manifested in sonic patterns intended to channel a sense of ecstasy and contemplation.

Performance Programme on 09.10.2021:
19h00: Jacopo Jenna – Modul 1
20h00: Jacopo Jenna – Modul 2
21h00: Jacopo Jenna – Modul 3
22h00: Jacopo Jenna – If, If, If, Then (Expanded version), 2021

Concept, direction and choreography: Jacopo Jenna
Music: Caterina Barbieri
Dance and collaboration: Nawel Nabù Bounar, Sly, Andrea Dionisi
Technical direction and lights: Giulia Broggi
Print designer: Caos et Blue
Costumes: Eva Di Franco
Organisation : Luisa Zuffo
Production: KLM – Kinkaleri
Co-production: Centrale Fies, Danae Festival in the framework of Next 2018 with the support of Bolzano Danza

Within the framework of Mudam Performance Season: The Illusion of the End

Caution: Contents Hot | Mudam Store

Mudam invited artist Sacha di Giambattista for a collaborative project: joined by the people of Creamisu, a socio-cultural space for exchange and artistic expression for the homeless, they designed an isothermal mug. The project refers to production, consumption and wealth - topics that are addressed in the exhibition Post-Capital.
The isothermal cups designed in the workshops are available at Mudam Store from the Night of the Museums. Part of the sales will go to Caritas Luxembourg.

In collaboration with Sacha di Giambattista and Creamisu – Caritas Luxembourg
Within the framework of the exhibition Post-Capital: Art and the Economics of the Digital Age

The Museums Night will take place under the Covid-Check regime. Access is therefore strictly limited to people who have been vaccinated, tested or cured. Each visitor from 6 years old must present a valid certificate. The accepted certificates are:

  • Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 (complete vaccination schedule)
  • Certificate of negative COVID-19 test
  • Certificate of recovery

You have the possibility of obtaining free certified tests in Luxembourg City: