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New Voices of Mudam: Window Treatments | In Swahili


Mudam Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Pavilion
Within the framework of the exhibition

A Model: Prelude – Rayyane Tabet. Trilogy

In collaboration with






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For this new edition of New Voices of Mudam, Mudam continues its collaboration with the non-profit organisation RYSE to find new mediators. RYSE’s mission is to encourage the development of young refugees and guide them in discovering their potential, while privileging their independence and integration in the workforce.

Mudam’s department of Publics aims to contribute to RYSE’s objectives by opening the doors to contemporary art to people who are interested in art and the profession of mediation. A unique experience bound to awaken an artistic sensibility within visitors to the museum and forge a connection between the public and works of art.

This time, we’ve invited the artist Rayyane Tabet to work on his project Window Treatments alongside the exhibition Trilogy in the museum’s pavilion. Participants will meet Rayyane Tabet and work with him to create their personal guided tours.

Following the training sessions organised by the museum and Rayyane Tabet, the New Voices of Mudam will be equipped to lead one of their own tours, in either one of the official languages of Luxembourg, or their mother tongue(s).

24.01.2024 | 10h00–12h00 | Presentation of the project
09.02.2024 | 14h00–17h00 | Workshop with Rayyane Tabet
29.02 & 01.03.2024 | Rehearsals
02 & 03.03.2023 | 11h00–11h45, 15h00–15h45, 16h00–16h45 | Guided tours

A group of people taking notes in a blue coloured gallery at Mudam.
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg