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Nascent Words: A Workshop for Babies and Caregivers


Workshop for all

With the collective OMSK Social Club

Within the framework of the exhibition

The Collective Laboratory. Artist residency

No prior experience required

Spaces limited


Adults: 10€
Students: 5€
Kulturpass: 1,50€
Free for children



Exploring language beyond the boundaries of conventional vocabulary, learning to speak through messages that usurp alphabetic structure – Nascent Words provides an opportunity to understand the language of our children, their cries, chirps, gurgles and drools.

Join us for a workshop where you will engage in a series of calls and responses with your little ones and with the community. We will explore the concept that frequencies, emotions and gestures are continuously being expressed during early development and should not be considered inferior to the language we learn to speak. We will spend an hour exploring these communication patterns through physical gestures and conversations of all ages.

A pregnant woman listening to the sounds in her belly thanks to a portable ultrasound device.
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© Photo : Jonas Schoeneberg