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Multi(species)lingual Gossip at the Institute for Multi-Species-Singing


Park Dräi Eechelen

For Adults and Youth aged 13+



No experience necessary

No materials required


€20 workshop

Booking required
t +352 453785-531

In the company of artist Jasmina Al-Qaisi, we invite you to take over the museum’s outdoor spaces and imagine them as a swamp. Over the course of the workshop, we will engage in games and exercises, addressing our ideas and findings on wetlands.

What kinds of multi-lingual gossip exist in the more-than-human worlds and how could we take part? By writing with sounds and relaying waves, we will work on preserving this experience as an archive of a moment in time.

Join in to find language in the calls of birds and frogs, the bubbly whispers of humid mosses and the sonorous updates from the world of insects. Together, we will uncover new ways to use our imagination and open our minds to our immediate surroundings.

Somebody recording sound on a wet ground.
© Jasmina Al-Qaisi