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Mudam Grooves | DJ-Sessions at the Museum




From an ethnomusicological perspective, groove is defined as “an unspecifiable but ordered sense of something that is sustained in a distinctive, regular and attractive way, working to draw the listener in”. On wednesday nights and on special weekends, the museum extends its forms of discourse, style, and pleasure back to this sense of music.

Working smoothly into new (and old) vernacular routines, the Mudam Café turns, once a month, into a dancefloor. During spring/summer, Lebanese DJ Etienne Boustany will be our first resident. He will offer beautiful jazzy electronic tunes, disco edits and house beats that keep you up on the feet of everyone.

Boustany had a taste of dancing and acting before following his ultimate passion: mixing music. Starting young as a teenager in bars, he then made his way up to some of Beirut's most memorable venues and parties in his early twenties. He now chooses to continue his musical journey in Europe, keeping it laidback and groovy.