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Mudam Go ! Playful Summer


Mudam Studio


Step into the world of Mudam, where creativity and imagination come alive! Get ready for a little adventure through our museum. In this interactive booklet, you'll get to explore our exhibitions and discover the stories behind them. Make sure to try out all the fun activities hidden in those pages. Let's turn the page and have fun!

Michel Majerus. SINNMASCHINE
Design your own logo!
You probably know how superheroes have their own special symbols, like Batman's bat symbol or Superman's "S" shield? Those symbols can be called their logos! When you see these symbols, you instantly know who they are and what they stand for. The same goes for brands. A logo is like a special mark that makes them unique and helps people remember them. Have a look at your clothes for example, do you recognize any logos? Start by looking closely at Michel's artworks. Pay attention to the colours, shapes, and symbols he uses. Do you recognize any logos? Now, imagine something that you really like or that makes you happy. It could be an animal, a person, a hobby, or even your name. Now, how could you turn this into a logo?

Peter Halley. Conduits: Paintings from the 1980s
Create your own artistic vocabulary!
Take a good look at how Peter uses his “cells” and “conduits”. Now imagine two or three shapes that represent something meaningful to you. It can be circles, triangles, or whatever shape you can think of. Write down the meaning for each shape. Now put them together into one artwork. How are they linked together? What message do they convey?

Dayanita Singh. Dancing with my camera
Invent your own story!
Take your time to walk around Dayanita’s photographs. Choose one or two or even more photographs that catch your attention and draw them on the page using your pen. Don't worry about making it perfect - let your imagination guide you! Once you have your drawing, think about what story it might tell. How are the photographs connected? What secrets lie beneath them? Write it down or tell the person next to you. Maybe it can also become a poem?

Tourmaline. Pleasure and Pollinator
Fill the garden with your magic!
Look at the garden below. As you can see, it is still quite empty. Let your imagination fill it with everything you want. It can be flowers, trees, animals… The possibilities are endless!

Deep Deep Down
Find and draw!
Find the biggest artwork in the exhibition Deep Deep Down. Is it a painting? A sculpture? An installation? A photograph? Now look at it closer. What detail catches your eye? Can you draw this detail? Take your time and draw everything you can see.

The colourful cover of the booklet 'Mudam Go! Playful Summer'