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MUDAM GO ! Jean-Marie Biwer – A Wooden Sketchbook

Mudam Studio
Im Rahmen der Ausstellung

Jean-Marie Biwer. D’après nature

Family activity for children.
LU / DE / FR / EN
Available free of charge every weekend and during school holidays.

MUDAM GO ! Jean-Marie Biwer – A Wooden Sketchbook

The Luxembourgish artist Jean-Marie Biwer paints for eyes that no longer see. In his exhibition D'après nature - After nature, his paintings reveal what beats under the skin of reality. For this Mudam Go! the artist invites us to:

- Mol mir e Bam.

"Draw me a tree." Start by capturing an image in your mind. Fix it with pigments, a bit of water and some paper. Pay attention to your feelings. Then finally send that thought to someone, like a message in a bottle.

This Mudam Go! invites you to sketch the area surrounding the museum through its many glass openings. Look outside! The tall grass growing on the fortress, the path winding between the pines and beeches at the edge of the forest. Take the time to observe nature, its patience and its perseverance like life itself.

Continuous workshop.
For adults, teens and accompanied children.
Free of charge.
No booking required.

Jean-Marie Biwer, "A Wooden Sketchbook", depuis 2005
© Collection Raymond Niesen