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Mudam Akademie | After Laughter Comes Tears. Performance in modern and contemporary art


Mudam Auditorium



Cycle of 10 lectures:
80€ Regular Fee
40€ Carte Mudam à 2
20€ Kulturpass

8€ per session
4€ Carte Mudam à 2

Free for –21 year-olds

Connaître l’art moderne
Comprendre l’art contemporain

Exploring themes from the beginning of Modern Art until today, Mudam Akademie’s programme is designed for a beginner audience wishing to acquire a deeper knowledge and appreciation of modern and contemporary art.

With a focus on the exhibitions currently on view, as well as select works from the Mudam Collection, this cycle of lectures offers a contextual understanding of the overarching trends, movements and themes of modern and contemporary art.

Lecturer: Claude Moyen holds a PhD in Arts and teaches artistic education at the Lycée Classique in Diekirch, where he also coordinates the BTS Media Writing. Between 2006 and 2017, he was an educational advisor at Mudam. In 2010, he initiated Mudam Akademie, a cycle of lectures on modern and contemporary art history, which was the subject of the publication Eng Geschicht vun der Konscht vun haut (Éditions Mudam, 2010).

Within the framework of this new format, specialised guest lecturers are invited to elaborate a subject in connection to the larger themes addressed in the Mudam Akademie 2023/2024 in the format of a conversation. On evenings of the Mudam Akademie Talk Sessions, we will propose only one lecture that will take place from 7pm to 8pm. The Mudam Akademie Talks will take place in one language, which may vary from French to English depending on the speaker and the chosen theme. Information on the corresponding language will be communicated in advance on our website.

To audit a session: reservations required by e-mail to, subject to availability. Priority will be given to people enrolled in the full cycle.


Session 1
Deep Deep Down
Mudam Collection

Session 2
After Laughter Comes Tears
Performance in modern and contemporary art

Session 3
After Laughter Comes Tears
The body in modern and contemporary art

Session 4
After Laughter Comes Tears
Time in modern and contemporary art

Session 5
Mudam Akademie Talk
On Performance Art

Session 6
The Collective Laboratory
Collective art practices in contemporary art

Session 7
A Model: Prelude
The role of place in contemporary art

Session 8
A Model
The importance of ‘year zero’ in modern and contemporary art

Session 9
A Model
The analog and digital in contemporary art

Session 10
Final Session (working Title)
Mudam Akademie Talk

In the event of a class cancellation, one make-up session is scheduled for 17.07.2024

Lukas Hofmann: "Incarnate", Centre Pompidou, 6-9 October 2022. Photo : Kryštof Hlůže
Lukas Hofmann: "Incarnate", Centre Pompidou, 6–9.10.2022
© Photo : Kryštof Hlůže