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MUDAM – Freigeister (Code: D3-a-07)


Mudam Studio
No experience necessary

No equipment required


Limited availability

(Luxembourg National Education and Training Institute)

This course has a twofold objective. First, it gives teachers an opportunity to discover artworks created by artists who are part of Luxembourg’s young art scene. Second, the course offers participants the chance to develop individual approaches to teaching, leading to exciting classroom projects; it also encourages opportunities for cultural partnership.

Participants are familiar with the different forms of expression in contemporary art.

Skill set
Participants should be able to:

  • demonstrate curiosity and open-mindedness
  • communicate with cultural partners
  • employ methods which encourage visual thinking and creativity.

Participants are encouraged to:

  • formulate transdisciplinary approaches
  • identify significant visual and cultural contexts
  • experiment with different artistic techniques and processes
  • devise educational approaches based on an artwork or an artist.

The Freigeister (Free Spirits) exhibition forms part of the 15th anniversary celebrations of Mudam Luxembourg – Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art and presents the work of 16 Luxembourg artists of different generations. Through the presentation of a diverse range of artworks and mediums – photography, painting, installation, film, sculpture, engraving and performance – it paints an engaged portrait of contemporary society. The exhibition – which takes its name from a concept formulated by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche – reflects the cultural and geographical situation of Luxembourg today. At the heart of Europe, Luxembourg has close ties with its surrounding countries and is by nature open-minded, enjoying a great diversity and cultural mix while also having a strong national identity. The artists in this exhibition reflect the Luxembourg of today and offer very personal visions of their cultural identity. The course takes as its starting point Mudam’s Freigeister exhibition and seeks to familiarise participants with the work being produced by the art scene in Luxembourg. It aims to forge links between schools and the museum by encouraging teachers to come and visit the exhibition at the museum and by enabling pupils to experience art in its natural environment and discover the work of national artists.

Methodological approach
The course focuses on a range of object-based approaches to visual research and learning, including:

  • learning to see and observe
  • understanding, connecting and visual association
  • reading, interpreting and analysing images and using these skills in teaching
  • visualisation of the creative process
  • organisation and development of visual knowledge transferred to the teaching environment
  • individual artistic creation with an emphasis on practical experimentation
  • developing and designing individual projects and creative approaches to teaching.

Max Mertens, lecturer in art education and educational advisor to Mudam
Camille d’Huart, Mudam Publics

Mudam Luxembourg, Freigeister
Mudam Luxembourg “Freigeister“
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg