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Meditation guided tour





16 and older

No experience required

No material to bring


Students & Kulturpass: Free

Booking required
t +352 453785–531

Sarah and John, two experienced yoga teachers will take you on a journey through the galleries, where you will be invited to observe, contemplate and connect with both exhibitions and yourself. No prior meditation experience is required, and everyone is welcome to join. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your own yoga mat.

About SarahJohnYoga
Sarah Cattani & John Taye are certified yoga teachers. Together they have been sharing their meditation and yoga techniques since 2016 in Europe and India. They host outdoor group sessions in Luxembourg during spring and summer and participate in numerous projects where meditation and yoga connect with art, sport, sound or water. Cattani and Taye are convinced that meditation is a tool that allows people to be more present and rooted and invites participants to be ‘in the moment’ with the space around.

Two people lying in the grass in a yoga position.
Sarah Cattani & John Taye
© Photo: Mathilde Magne