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Mario Pfeifer on art in the age of social media and youtube, living witnesses vs viral diffusion




Live online interview conducted by Emanuela Mazzonis di Pralafera.

Mario Pfeifer (b. 1981, Dresden) belongs to that category of artist researchers who focus their analysis on sociopolitical events, the repercussions these have had on society and on individuals, and the relationship that is established between the arts world and the social sphere. His research is based above all on the ethnographic investigation of the place in which he decides to carry out his work (be that video or photography); the enquiry into the surrounding environment becomes fundamental to the quality of the final result. The artist seeks to document the reality of the facts without giving any individual judgement, letting the viewer formulate their own interpretation based on personal knowledge.

Mario Pfeifer, "Again / Noch einmal", 2018. 2 channel video installation.
© Courtesy the artist and KOW Berlin/Madrid