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IKEBANA – a never-ending story


Workshop for all with

Astrid Maton from Ikebana Saga Goryu Belgium Luxembourg

Within the framework of the

Luxembourg Museum Days

Around the art by

Danh Vo / Isamu Noguchi



Free of charge

Reservations on site, the day of the event, only

Limited availability

Subject to modification or cancellation

10h30–11h30, 11h30–12h30, 13h30–14h30, 14h30–15h30, 15h30–16h30 & 16h30–17h30

There is no age limit to practice and understand the art of Ikebana. Everything has a beginning, a maturation, and a decline. And each phase has its importance: the bud, a symbol of life force that will blossom, the leaf, and the strong branch it will be become. To translate this, the Japanese floral art makes use of branches, with or without leaves according to the seasons, and flowers. Leaves that have been slightly damaged or nibbled on by animals will not be thrown away. All of this is a part of life that deserves to be preserved.

Ikebana is an art that allows one to transmit a love of beauty, to give pleasure to those who see it. Everywhere you will go, the beauty of nature (branches, flowers, moss…) will awaken your creativity. Ikebana is a bit like bringing nature into your home. And that is already quite a task! An awakening, a philosophy, an apprenticeship.