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Ligia Lewis. deader than dead | Performance Weekend


Mudam Foyer
Within the framework of the

Luxembourg Museum Days



Ligia Lewis works as a choreographer, conceiving and directing experimental performances. Through choreography and embodied practice, she develops expressive concepts that give form to movements, thoughts, relations and the bodies that hold them. Lewis creates space(s) for the emergent and the indeterminate while tending to the mundane in her performances, which are held together by the logic of interdependence, disorder and play. In her work, sonic and visual metaphors meet the body, materialising the enigmatic, the poetic and the dissonant. Lewis’s work continually evokes the nuances of embodiment.

On the occasion of the Luxembourg Museum Days, Ligia Lewis will present a new iteration of her work deader than dead involving a Europe-based cast. Originally conceived in 2020 for the Hammer Museum, the creation of this piece began with an intrigue-based inquiry into deadpan, an impassive mannerism deployed in comedic fashion to illustrate emotional distance. Utilising this expression as a type of stasis, Lewis initially developed a choreography for ten dancers that remained expressively flat or dead, resisting any narrative or representational hold tied to a climactic build or progression.

© Ligia Lewis