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Lemi Ponifasio – The Manifestation


Meeting point at Grand Théâtre

Free and open to the public

Within the framework of the

red bridge project

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You are invited to join The Manifestation by Samoan-New Zealand artist Lemi Ponifasio – the free and public closing event of the red bridge project, an initiative to build artistic bridges in Luxembourg, by Mudam Luxembourg, the Philharmonie and the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg on Friday, 28 June 2024.

The red bridge project, initiated in 2017, is designed to connect the three major cultural institutions located on both sides of the ‘Red Bridge’ as well as Luxembourg’s local communities. After Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and William Kentridge, the third edition of the red bridge project presents a new dimension under the stewardship of the Samoan-New Zealand artist Lemi Ponifasio.

‘I never had an ambition to be an artist. But I want to make a change. I want to ignite a conversation about the world I find myself in with the people around me.’

In The Manifestation, Ponifasio invites the diverse communities of Luxembourg to collaborate with his company MAU and the three institutions in dialogue in the creation of a collective body of art. Bringing people together through ceremony, oratory, dance, music and food, The Manifestation will start in front of the Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg; a performance parade will proceed across the Red Bridge and via the Philharmonie Luxembourg, concluding at Mudam grounds.

‘I want the community to be curious and think that their way to think can make a difference.’

Through his project, Lemi Ponifasio calls for ‘manifestation’, as the opportunity for participants to join this collective demonstration of community, adding their bodies, voices and ideas, reclaim their space and redefine their commonalities by manifesting themselves towards forming a stronger community.

red bridge project
The Manifestation
Friday, 28 June 2024


19:00 | Opening performance

For the opening performance, local community members will gather around a group of ‘demonstrators’ outside the Grand Théâtre, where a reading by the artists, speeches and music will take place.

19:45 | Procession

Lemi Ponifasio and renowned Luxembourg artist and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling will conceive a procession across the bridge. Starting at the Red Bridge towards the Philharmonie, Weaving a Vegetal Web of Care is an immersive performance-promenade, during which participants will carry a delicate thread woven with local flowers and dried herbs.

20:30 | Music, poetry and food

At Place de l’Europe, a convivial event with music, poetry and food will take place featuring two choirs singing in response to readings by residents. All participants and the public will enjoy dishes prepared by a community kitchen.

22:30 | Final performance

Culminating at Mudam, the red bridge project will conclude with a performance by Lemi Ponifasio’s company MAU, alongside members of local communities and various local musical ensembles.

The final performance will act as a symbol of a renewed relationship between communities and their territory and its institutions, taking the form of a ritual – a way for all participants to reclaim the space.

In relation to the performance, a series of photographs, taken throughout the project by students of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg, will be projected on the walls of the building.

Open Call

Between 17 and 27 June 2024, all members of local communities are invited to join for workshops with Lemi Ponifasio and Elisabeth Schilling at l’Ancien bar du Théâtre des Capucins and contribute to The Manifestation.

Workshops with Lemi Ponifasio and MAU

17 – 21 June 18:00 – 21:00
24 – 25 June 18:00 – 21:00

Workshops with Elisabeth Schilling

20 June 17:30 – 19:30
25 June 18:00 – 20:00
27 June 16:00 – 18:00


Ancien bar du Théatre des Capucins
9, place du Théâtre
L-2613, Ville-Haute Luxembourg
1st floor

The artist

The Samoan-New Zealand director and choreographer Lemi Ponifasio is known for his radical theatre proposal ‘cosmovision’ and his collaborations with communities and indigenous cultures. Ponifasio founded MAU in 1995 as the philosophical foundation and essence of his work, the name he gives to his work and the people and communities he works with. ‘Mau’ is a Samoan word meaning the declaration to the truth of a matter as an effort to transform.

Lemi Ponifasio, The Manifestation © MAU
Lemi Ponifasio, The Manifestation