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Café des Langues: Pleasure Garden Edition II


Park Dräi Eechelen
In collaboration with






Registration required
t +352 453785–531

This summer, Mudam is happy to invite you to join our series of Pleasure Gardens.

Taking its name from a central concept to the work of Tourmaline, artist, writer, and transgender activist, we invite you to join us for moments of active conviviality, where food will be savoured while you’ll hear from, and experience with, artists, educators, activists and curators.

Bringing art, conversations, and creative activities to the Park Drai Eechelen, right around Mudam, the Pleasure Gardens activities will offer the opportunity to experiment different forms to engage with the exhibition Tourmaline: Pleasure and Pollinator in a pleasant outdoor setting.

Working with members of RYSE (Refugee Youth Support & Empowerment), the museum organises Language Cafés in order to discuss contemporary art and culture, as well as practice the main languages spoken in Luxembourg.

RYSE’s mission is to encourage the development of young refugees and to accompany them in the discovery of their potential while prioritising their independence and integration into active life.

A few people relaxing in Mudam Park Dräi Eechelen and having a drink.
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