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In collaboration with

FRAC Lorraine

Within the framework of the exhibition

Tourmaline. Pleasure and Pollinator

t +352 453785–531

Botany, poetry and readings.

For this special event, in collaboration with FRAC Lorraine, Mudam invites you for an afternoon of poetry, gardening, discussions and performances. Bringing together voices of LGBTQA+ communities, we try to find a path beyond mourning and trauma. Let's work together to create alternative histories of queer communities at this collaborative event. Let's celebrate invisible memories, remember forgotten histories, sow the seeds of our (im)possible shared futures in this iconic garden honouring these emblematic activists in the social, racial and trans struggles.

16h00–17h40: Performances, readings and sowing seeds
18h00–19h00 : Collective march, punctuated by positive trans and queer testimonies, to 49 North 6 East
From 19h00 : Aperitif at 49 North 6 East

Marsha P. Johnson
Video still of a photo of Marsha P. Johnson in the he digital video "Pollinator" by Tourmaline
© Tourmaline