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Jacopo Jenna – If, If, If, Then (Expanded version) (2021) | Museums Night Dance Performance


Mudam West Gallery

Access limited to people who have been vaccinated, tested or cured

Limited admission

No booking required

If, If, If, Then (Expanded version) (2021) is a choreographic work by Jacopo Jenna performed by three dancers, with the audience seated in a circle all around the stage. Beyond choreographed action, Jenna sees movement as an abstract form of observation, whereby contemporary dance is approached as a direct response to its immediate surroundings.

The result is a deep layering of images: one on top of the other, one after the other, creating a collage of visual data drawn from existing repertoires, archives and our daily life. The dancers draw upon a range of backgrounds including street dance and other forms of contemporary dance, moving between different approaches and genres and making it impossible to find a stable, common ground. This work is produced in collaboration with composer Caterina Barbieri, whose exploration of the psychological effects of repetition is manifested in sonic patterns intended to channel a sense of ecstasy and contemplation.

Concept, direction and choreography: Jacopo Jenna
Music: Caterina Barbieri
Dance and collaboration: Nawel Nabù Bounar, Sly, Andrea Dionisi
Technical direction and lights: Giulia Broggi
Print designer: Caos et Blue
Costumes: Eva Di Franco
Organisation : Luisa Zuffo
Production: KLM – Kinkaleri
Co-production: Centrale Fies, Danae Festival in the framework of Next 2018 with the support of Bolzano Danza

Jacopo Jenna (b.1981, Florence) is a choreographer, performer and filmmaker creating stage works, video pieces, and installations. His work has been presented at various venues and festivals including Danae Festival, Milan, Italy (2020); Short Theatre, Rome (2020); PAC, Milan; Contemporanea Festival, Biella, Italy; Chantiers d’Europe – Théâtre de la Ville, Paris; Do Disturb – Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Fabbrica Europa, Florence; Palazzo Grassi Punta della Dogana, Venice (2019); Bipod Festival, Beirut; Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy; Short Theatre, Rome; Dansem, Marseille (2018); Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, Prato, Italy; Palazzo Strozzi, Florence (2017); MART Museum, Rovereto, Italy (2016).

© Jacopo Jenna