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Horse Pill | A performance by crème soleil


Mudam Level +1, East Gallery
Within the framework of the exhibition

The Collective Laboratory



Creation and performance – Tilhenn Klapper, Félix Touzalin
Performance – Anaïs Barras, Li Yun Hu, Pierrick Jacquart
Music – Pablo Altar, Paul Fleury
Production – crème soleil

Thanks to – Maison des Métallos (Paris), Centre National de la Danse (Pantin), Briqueterie CDCN (Vitry-sur-Seine), Ressourcerie la Petite Rockette (Paris).

Duration – 50 min

Combining dance, music, theatre and visual arts, Horse Pill revisits the stories and myths around the gold rush and parodies the archetypes of territorial conquest, casting a critical eye on its social and ecological impacts. Mimicking cowboys and other conquering figures of the West, the five characters summon the ghosts of dead animals who share the stage with them. The performers substitute the traditionally violent quest for power and control over land, the living, and the dead, for an attitude of care towards them. Playing on the idiomatic French expression ‘remède de cheval’, the performance proposes a ‘horse pill’ to remedy a painful history of violence.

A dancer lying on the floor pointing at the sky.
© crème soleil