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Halley and the city | Lecture by architect Philippe Nathan


Mudam Galleries Level 1
Within the framework of the exhibition

Peter Halley. Conduits: Paintings from the 1980s





The ascetic formal reduction, the stoic repetition of graphic elements, Peter Halley’s paintings seem to reenact the underlying logics of spatial planning and thus to reveal the mechanisms of country- and city-making since the capitalist recuperation of modernism: the division of space into economic and legal fragments. Yet beyond a hedonistic abstraction in joyful colors, Peter Halley’s art hence evokes the human condition in the contemporary city.

A lecture as an interpretation attempt.

Biographical Note
Philippe Nathan is an architect by education. After having collaborated with Brussels-based architecture office ‘51N4E’, he returned to Luxembourg in 2010 to found the office ‘2001’, which he leads since 2014 in association with Sergio Carvalho. Beside 2001’s practice in architecture, urbanism and territorial development, Philippe Nathan is recurrently active as curator, contributor, essayist, and jury member in the cultural field. He taught at the University of Brussels in 2015, as an assistant at the ETH Zurich from 2016 to 2018, as a studio tutor at the University of Luxembourg in 2019 and 2022 and led Studio 2001 at TU Kaiserslautern in 2021.

OMA mission grand axe, Masterplan La Défense, Paris 1991
Mission Grand Axe. La Défense, Paris 1991