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hA.I.ku – A.I. & Haiku



Teenagers, adults and accompanied children

The stage is yours! Géisskan Kollektiv invites you into the Mudam Studio, where an interactive installation composed of an artificial intelligence device awaits you. hA.I.ku has been taught the simple but daring task of writing haikus, popular 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poems, that celebrate the evanescence of things and the sensations they evoke. Express yourself, add your personality to these poems and leave a trace of your impressions at Mudam!

Géisskan Kollektiv
In the 2010’s, Luxembourg’s poetry slam scene was yet to be discovered. Some events inviting German and French all-star slammers to Luxembourg existed, but the local scene was rather small and scattered to events abroad. This changed in 2015,when a few friends in Luxembourg founded the “Géisskan Kollektiv”. Géisskan in Luxembourgish means “watering can” and is a metaphorical odd swap to Luxembourg’s watering can politics and stands for cherishing and caring for a small plant. The goal of the collective is to bring as many young people on stage with their texts, thoughts and poems and to offer them a chance to perform. Over the years, more than 50 young local writers have performed at poetry slam events of the collective. It is a mix of epic word skirmish, spoken word duel and bar spitting battles. After many successful poetry slam events at Food For Your Senses, Rotondes, Abbaye Neumünster or their own pop-up productions, Géisskan’s poetry slam finally makes its way into the museum, but not to retire or to settle down, but as a resilient form of performance art & pop culture in times of global pandemic.

© Photo : Géisskan Kollektiv