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Guided Tour with curator Marie-Noëlle Farcy


Mudam Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Pavilion
Within the framework of the exhibition

Tourmaline. Pleasure and Pollinator



t + 352 453785–431

Mudam Luxembourg presents recent works by Tourmaline, the recipient of the Baloise Art Prize 2022. This exhibition is the first solo presentation of Tourmaline’s work in a European museum and is centred around the digital video Pollinator, which was donated to the museum by the Baloise Group.

Tourmaline is an artist, writer and transgender activist working mainly with video and photography to create elaborately staged scenes that honour living and historical figures of LGBTQI+ movements and queer culture. Using found footage and other archival material to investigate these subjects, the artist’s approach is influenced by scholar Saidiya Hartman’s notion of ‘critical fabulation’, which privileges fiction and speculation in (re)writing marginalised histories that have been erased or mis-transmitted in official sources. In these works, narrative tools are used for their politically empowering potential and help trace an imagined genealogy of Black queer figures, in which Tourmaline can also be inscribed.

Experience this exhibition through the gaze of the curator Marie-Noëlle Farcy.

Portrait of Marie-Noëlle Farcy
Marie-Noëlle Farcy
© Photo : Pancake! Photography | Mudam Luxembourg