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GodXchange | Listening Session with sound artist chaos clay


Mudam Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Pavilion
Within the framework of the exhibition

Tourmaline. Pleasure and Pollinator



t +352 453785–531

19h00–20h00 | Listening Session GodXChange | with chaos clay
20h00–21h30 | Conviviality and Dj Set with food and drinks

This summer, Mudam is happy to invite you to join our series of Pleasure Gardens.

Taking its name from a central concept to the work of Tourmaline, artist, writer, and transgender activist, we invite you to join us for moments of active conviviality, where food will be savoured while you’ll hear from, and experience with, artists, educators, activists and curators.

Bringing art, conversations, and creative activities to the Park Drai Eechelen, right around Mudam, the Pleasure Gardens activities will offer the opportunity to experiment different forms to engage with the exhibition Tourmaline: Pleasure and Pollinator in a pleasant outdoor setting.

In September, Mudam invites the sound-artist chaos clay to conceive a deep-listening session that will take place at the Pavillion, amidst Tourmaline’s exhibition space. Retracing multiple geographies, communities and histories, the artist invites you to experience an afro-futuristic performance where time and space are altered by the use of sound technology and the many references summoned to our presence.

Using music, performance and video to create hybrid experiences Clay is interested in the cultural productions of racialised queer people, mixing theoretical and popular knowledge to create an emancipatory discourse.

Situated in club culture but also very much dragging in it into the abyss of Carribean Drexciyan Queerdom, GodXchange, with a renewed appetite for Chaos, is a hybrid set, mixing samples, custom song edits and original productions.

chaos clay is an afrofuturist DJ, producer, and party curator based in Geneva. In their practice, they merge the cultural productions of racialized queer people, theoretical and popular knowledge to channel an emancipatory discourse.They founded the Archipelagogo Club events, promoting the richness, complexity and political legacy of club culture. Through music, they manipulate space and time, inviting fluid and mutating bodies on the dancefloor. Their work has been presented among others in Fort-de-France, Johannesburg, Paris, Berlin, Venise and throughout Switzerland, in a multiplicity of contexts.

A person holding a flower bouquet while leaning on the back of a limousine.
© Photo : Chaos Clay