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Front Lines: Memoires, Theories and Fictions | Lecture by Juliet Jacques


Mudam Auditorium


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Front Lines is a collection of journalistic writings about transgender lives and representation. These are essays and critical texts written by Juliet Jacques between 2007 and 2021. Published in 2022 with a new introduction insightfully addressing the relation between the British press and trans people throughout the 2010s, alongside short reflections on her writings about trans politics, media and culture, Front Lines includes much of the author’s published work, some of which was print-only or has disappeared behind a paywall, as well as previously unpublished essays. Jacque’s subjects include transphobia in the United Kingdom and abroad (especially in the former Soviet bloc), interviews with Janet Mock and McKenzie Wark, reflections on trans writers from Sandy Stone and Leslie Feinberg to Andrea Long Chu and Paul B. Preciado, reviews of books by Shon Faye, Jack Halberstam, Torrey Peters and Shola von Reinhold, and essays on how the trans and non-binary community might respond to the current assault on their rights and visibility.

Juliet Jacques is a writer and filmmaker based in London. She has published four books: Rayner Heppenstall: A Critical Study (Dalkey Archive, 2007); Trans: A Memoir (Verso, 2015) ; Variations, a collection of short stories (Influx Press, 2021); and Front Lines: Trans Journalism 2007-2021 (Cipher Press, 2022). Her fifth book, a novella entitled Monaco, is due to be published byToothgrinder Press in late 2023. She has also contributed to volumes published by Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, And Other Stories among others. She writes short fiction as well as journalism, essays and criticism on literature, film, art, music, politics, gender, sexuality and football. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, for whom she documented her gender reassignment in a series entitled A Transgender Journey (2010-12) as well as The London Review of Books, Granta, Sight & Sound, Frieze, Art Review, The New York Times, The Washington Post, TimeOut, New Humanist, Five Dials, New Inquiry, The New Statesman, Berfrois, Schirn, Mal, Tribune, New Socialist, Novara Media, 3:AM and many more.

This event is organized on the frame of Mudam’s Exchange Programme for Critical Thinking. It is kindly supported by Luxembourg for Tourism.

Portrait of Juliet Jacques by Robin Silas Christian.
Juliet Jacques
© Photo : Robin Silas Christian