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Festin | Musical reading


Mudam Studio
Within the framework of the exhibition

Freigeister. Fragments of an art scene in Luxembourg

About the book

FESTIN by Anne Brugni and McCloud Zicmuse

For children

Accompanied by an adult



Free for children

8€ museum entry for adults

Booking required

Fully booked!

The Book
FESTIN by Anne Brugni and McCloud Zicmuse
Following on from BONJOUR, et le cycle de la journée [HELLO, and the Cycle of the Day] and CHEMIN, récit des origines d’un caillou [ROAD, the Story of a Pebble], FESTIN completes this trilogy of mindful books devoted to nature and the elements. This final work looks within us and captures the symbiosis of humans and nature. The writing is minimal and poetic, evoking a state of mindfulness and the observation of simple, everyday activities, such as making and eating bread. The story begins in a wheatfield and ends around the table with the sharing of food. Taking this universal and intimate theme of bread, the book is able to focus on all the invisible life that surrounds us every day – life that is around us, on us and in us. Through a sequence of infinitesimal events, it shows us the interaction between matter and life, the metamorphosis of one matter into another, the action of time upon things and the action of the invisible.

11h00, 14h00 + 16.00 (FR/EN)
FESTIN: Musical reading by McCloud Zicmuse
A poetic and informative exploration of grain as it is transformed into bread, sung in every detail, right down to the microscopic world of yeast. An operetta-style rendition by the author of the book, capturing the smells, sounds, textures and taste of freshly baked bread straight out of the oven and shared. It’s party time! Let’s celebrate!

10h00–18h00 continuous
FESTIN: Workshop by Anne Brugni
In the presence of Anne Brugni, illustrator
To celebrate the publication of Anne Brugni and McCloud Zicmuse’s book FESTIN, we are holding a special fantasy bread competition! To your crayons and paintbrushes, let your imagination run wild inventing loaves with the wackiest shapes and names!

Baking of selected breads and awarding of prizes
In the presence of Anne Brugni, McCloud Zicmuse and Daniel Wagener
We will celebrate the winning entries by baking the selected loaves on site in a wood-fired oven!

FESTIN: Musical reading by McCloud Zicmuse