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Éliane Radigue | OCCAM OCEAN


In conjunction with the exhibition

Leonor Antunes. joints, voids and gaps


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A pioneer of electronic music, Éliane Radigue is a leading figure in the experimental music scene. For more than a decade, Radigue worked on OCCAM OCEAN (2011 – present), a cycle of instrumental works composed in close collaboration with a group of performers whom she calls the Knights of Occam (comprising Carol Robinson on bass clarinet, Hélène Breschand on harp, and Louis-Michel Marion playing double bass). Using very fine-grained tones, she creates an atmosphere of semi-consciousness, that eludes acoustic references and approximates a state of a ‘waking dream’. The music is radical, but welcoming, inviting listeners to share a rarefied perception of time and vibration that reaches deep into the psyche.

Éliane Radigue’s initial inspiration for the OCCAM OCEAN cycle was a large mural in the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. It showed the ‘spectrum of electromagnetic waves’ moving from the largest to the smallest of known measurable wavelengths.


1 solo: OCCAM XVI, 2012; OCCAM XIV, 2017; OCCAM XIX, 2014
(bass clarinet or harp or double bass)

(bass clarinet and double bass or harp and double bass or bass clarinet and harp)

1 trio: OCCAM DELTA XIII, 2019
(bass clarinet, harp and double bass)

Performed by: Carol Robinson (bass clarinet), Hélène Breschand (harp), Louis-Michel Marion (5-string double bass)
Joel Valabrega


Éliane Radigue (b.1932, Paris) is renowned for her electronic music and work with the ARP Synthesizer. In 2005, Radigue began composing for acoustic instruments, first Naldjorlak, her grand trio for two basset horns and cello, and continuing with the ever-expanding OCCAM OCEAN series (2011–present). These new works have been performed in museums including Centre Pompidou, Paris (2020); MOCA, Cleveland; Serralves, Porto (2018); Le Louvre, Paris (2009); Radigue’s acoustic works have also been presented at festivals including Geometry of Now, Moscow (2017); Festival d’Automne, Paris (2013); CTM.12 Spectral, Berlin (2012); Sound and Music, London (2011); Crossing the Line, New York (2010). Éliane Radigue lives and works in Paris.

Carol Robinson (b. 1956, Langley-Hampton) is a composer and clarinetist. She is a long-time collaborator of Radigue. Her own work has been recorded by the Hessischer Rundfunk, Saarlandischer Rundfunk, Lithuanian National Radio and Radio France, and published by Plush, Ayler, Shiiin, Mode and Expérience de vol.

Hélène Breschand (b.1966, Paris) is a soloist composer and harpist. She has collaborated with classical musicians including Luciano Berio and Bernard Cavanna and contemporary composers including David Toop, Elliott Sharp, Reinhold Friedl, Georgia Spiropoulos and Wilfried Wendling. She has also composed soundtracks for artworks by Hiroshi Sugimoto and Christian Marclay and films including Jeanne d’Arc by Carl Theodor Dreyer and Salomé by Charles Bryant.

Louis-Michel Marion (b. 1964, Clermont-Ferrand) has been performing as a musician for over twenty years. His work is focused on improvisation with ensembles from duets to a 15tet, and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Éliane Radigue
© Photo : Sabine Mirlesse