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Design Friends Lecture | Gradual


Mudam Auditorium
Sculptural Design Lecture by

Germans Ermičs





Combining methods from design and art, Germans Ermičs creates unique sculptural works, which are recognised and highly acclaimed across the world as collectible design pieces.

Latvian-born Germans Ermičs (b. 1985) is a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven; since 2014 he has maintained a design studio in Amsterdam. His approach can be described as a gradual, determined movement toward the final aesthetic result, striving to give materiality to intangible phenomena, transforming two-dimensional shapes into spatial objects, and lifting the limitations of visual perception. The designer’s works are permeated by his heightened sensitivity to the properties of materials and his passion for optical illusions. He ingeniously applies the laws of perspective to construct space-bending mirrors, and works painterly with colour, saturating glass surfaces with gently flowing tonal transitions. Colour in Germans Ermičs’ works is not just an aesthetic addition – the designer uses it as a starting point for the definition of form. Inspired by erosion, he searches for innovative technological solutions to highlight the natural beauty of stone surfaces, while observations of tidal movement earn an imaginative representation in textiles. Ermičs has frequently participated in fairs such as Salone del Mobile, PAD and Design Miami/Basel. He was honoured by the Wallpaper* Design Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2021 and his work is regularly featured in the international press.

A brightly colooured cubic pavilion in a mainly white environment.
© Germans Ermičs