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Design Friends Lecture | Christopher Noelle aka TOFA – Light Design


Mudam Auditorium
In collaboration with

Design Friends





In his career as a bike trials pro rider, Noelle learned early on to see things from another point of view, a different perspective. Imagination and the search for thrill remained components of every project that followed. Today, he looks back on twenty years of experience in Light painting, photography and projection art while still finding new challenges as a creator. Noelle mapped the Brandenburger Tor, worked with a robot on Light painting generated in real time at Ars Electronica and used the surface reflections of a Porsche for its unveiling premiere. One could say that Noelle really ‘lives’ multimedia art. For his latest project he invented the Holo-Painter – a tool that allows the fusion of fiction and reality by combining projection, photography, motion-graphics and real surroundings.

If you sum up his compendium, the full spectrum of multimedia opens up from photography to film, to animation and motion graphics, to illustration and calligraphy, to painting and mapping projection, to sound design, to NFTs, to typography to sculptures. It’s a permanently evolving cycle, continuously triggering new ideas – like a perpetual motion machine.

The interaction of human, space and machine and the associated transformation process between the analogue and digital worlds are the core themes of his work and studies. On the creative side, Noelle is bringing science and art together and converts robotics, motors and machines into tools usable for artistic purposes with astonishing results.

Painting with light is based on imagination and clear structured sequence of acting, it’s about taking control of the sources. Besides control, errors and imperfections are essential parts of the creative process. ‚Sometimes the clean result is less impressive than the one obtained by tumbling upon an obstacle in the darkness.‘ Noelle also painted his studio black so he can work in the dark during the day.

Noelle’s talk at Design Friends will take you on a journey from darkness to light, opening new perspectives of how to be, and stay, creative.

Hoop Hafen by Tofa
Hoop Hafen
© Tofa