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Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust. Flags parade


Great Hall and Foyer
Performing with

Maureen Béguin
Morgane le Doze
Grégoire Schaller
(The performance includes partial nudity)


8€ (museum ticket included)

Mudam marks the final days of the collection display mirror mirror, with PARADES, a series of performances by Brussels-based artist Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, taking place within the exhibition and interstitial spaces on all levels of the museum.

14h00 | I become them Performance for two performers, five costumes and a felted fresco, 2020-2021 (30 minutes)

15h00 | Flags paradeA performance for four performers and four costumes, 2021 (30 minutes)
Can we imagine a world without humans? Flags parade posits this impossible hypothesis in grotesque form: hiding the contours of the body in a flamboyant camouflage, not to make it disappear, but rather to make it appear differently. The bodies metamorphose via costumes, which transform movement and offer the dancers a new way of appearing and expressing themselves. Are they flags moving? Colourful birds? Hybrid creatures trying to communicate with each other? They seek each other, calling to one another, turning around, and finally meeting in a parade, a cry of love.

16h30 | Wearing the deadA performance for four performers and eight costumes, 2019 (45 minutes)
17h45 | Cuddles A performance for four performers, 2021 (15 minutes)

Naked man in front of colourful background.
© Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust