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Curating Museums | Become curator for one day


Mudam East Gallery
Within the framework of the exhibition

Dayanita Singh. Dancing with my Camera



No experience required

No material to bring

Free of charge

Limited places

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t +352 453785–531

For this unique experience, Mudam invites you to take on the role of curator and change one of the artworks in the exhibition Dancing with My Camera, the most important exhibition dedicated to Dayanita Singh to this date.

Each Tuesday, the museum will exceptionally open its doors to you, our guest curators, who will have the opportunity to engage with the Suitcase Museum, one of Singh’s artworks on display.

Born from the Museum of Chance, the Suitcase Museum is composed by 88 images, presented in book-objects placed over a white wall. There are 88 images, 44 book-objects and 44 spots in the wall waiting for you to be rearranged. Come give a new meaning to them according to your own vision and keen eye! So many possibilities await you!

For this weekly event, we invite you to deeply look at each of these images that compose this artwork, discover your own museums, and share them with all the other visitors of the exhibition.

Your museum will become part of Dancing with My Camera exhibition for a whole week ,and shared with all other visitors and then give space to another museum to take its place. Each guest curator will also have the chance to get their portrait and their own museum represented oin the official social networks of Mudam.

Are you thinking of a title for your own museum already?

Two people hanging photos on a wall.
View of the installation "Suitcase Museum" by Dayanita Singh
© Photo : Studio Rémi Villaggi | Mudam Luxembourg