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Creative Lunch | The Space in Between


No experience required

No material required


18€ / workshop (lunch included)

Registration for the full cycle


Booking required
t +352 453785-531

Limited places

Subject to modification or cancellation


LU / FR / DE / EN


Face mask mandatory
Physical distancing must be respected

Midday workshops for adults
Discover a work or an exhibition in the museum and get actively involved by experimenting with new artistic techniques. Finally, enjoy a convivial moment around a lunch.

16.10.2020 | 12h30-14h30 | Work in Progress
Within the framework of the exhibition Charlotte Posenenske: Work in Progress

20.11.2020 | 12h30-14h30 | The Space in Between
Within the framework of the exhibition Leonor Antunes. joints, voids and gaps

11.12.2020 | 12h30-14h30 | Fragmentations
Within the framework of the exhibition Giulia Cenci. Mudam Collection