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Conversation with Timothy Prus, curator of “Enfin seules”


Mudam Auditorium




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In advance of the opening of Enfin seules, Timothy Prus from the Archive of Modern Conflict will be in conversation with Mudam’s Michelle Cotton and Christophe Gallois.

Enfin seules (alone at last) presents a selection of over two hundred images from the Archive of Modern Conflict. Established in London in 1992, the Archive describes itself as ‘a repository for the lost and forgotten stories that lie hidden in the photographic record’. Initially focusing on conflict, ‘it has grown into something more resembling a laboratory than a traditional archive’. Today it is one of the largest collections of photography in the world, comprising over eight million images and producing books and exhibitions that span a multitude of genres.

The exhibition is conceived by the Archive of Modern Conflict for Mudam, on the occasion of the European Month of Photography Luxembourg.

Frederik Carl Mülertz Størmer, "Aurora Borealis with Landscape", c. 1920. Courtesy Archive of Modern Conflict