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Studio Exhibition | Committed photography with Carole Melchior + Borders by Schengen-Lyzeum


Mudam Studio
In the framework of the exhibition

Zoe Leonard. Al río / To the River

A series of exhibitions that showcase the creations of our visitors and the recent projects undertaken by the Mudam Publics Department in collaboration with associations, artists, schools and other cultural players. Our tip for the summer: (re)discover Mudam’s exhibitions through the eyes and projects of our faithful creative visitors.

04.06 – 06.06.2022
Committed photography
With Carole Melchior
Between February and June, Mudam’s Publics Department invited photographer Carole Melchior to lead a multi-disciplinary workshop with secondary school photography students based on the Al río / To the River exhibition by artist Zoe Leonard. The workshop culminates in an exhibition at Mudam. Melchior addressed questions about the development of a photographic project that could provoke reflection and allow us to imagine areas that bring people together. Using an investigative approach, the students carefully observed different urban or rural places, the species found there (plants, animals, humans), their interactions, their entanglements, their space for co-cultivation. Through visual notes gleaned over the course of the day, they proceeded to rethink landscape in a broad sense and reflected on notions of territory, identity and borders in contemporary societies. Come to Mudam Studio and see, through the eyes of our young artists, the results of this workshop!

04.06 – 06.06.2022
Frontières, Borders, Grenzen
By the 11e G cours intensifié en arts plastiques of the Schengen-Lyzeum
The 11th grade G class of the Schengen Lyzeum, in close collaboration with the pedagogical department at Mudam, has spent a term reflecting on the theme of ‘borders'. What is a border? Do we need borders? These questions are all the more relevant in Schengen, where borders seem to be disappearing but remain impassable lines for some. How do young people feel about these borders today? How do they experience them in their daily lives? The students present the very personal results of this project in the Mudam Studio during the closing weekend of the Zoe Leonard. Al río / To the River exhibition.

© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg