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Committed Photography


Workshop for Adults

With Carole Melchior

Within the framework of the exhibition

Zoe Leonard. Al río / To the River



No experience required

No material to bring


30€ for both sessions

Booking required
t +352 453785–531

Limited availability

Subject to modification or cancellation

30.04 + 07.05.2022 | 14h30–17h30

How to develop a thought-provoking photography project that allows us to imagine areas that bring people together?

Using an investigative approach, we will carefully observe different places, urban or rural, the species found there (plants, animals, humans), their interactions, their entanglements, their space for co-cultivation. Through visual notes gleaned over the course of the day, we will rethink landscape in a broad sense and prepare a reflection on the notions of territory, identity and borders in contemporary societies.

© Photo: Carole Melchior